Saturday, March 5, 2005

A day of news...

Bush has warned Damascus that Syria should withdraw from Lebanon. While I agree that Syria has no business in Lebanon - the same can be said that the US has no business in Iraq or Afghanistan or South Korea or Japan or Germany or the UK etc etc etc...

Meanwhile... an Italian journalised held hostage by Iraqi 'insurgents' was released yesterday only to be attacked by US forces! As she was being driven to Baghdad airport, American soldiers started firing at her car killing an Italian secret service agent and wounding the journalist and two other agents. As usual the US government insisted this was an accident and an inquiry would be opened.

It should be noted that the Italian journalist in question is Giuliana Sgrena is an opponent to the war and the illegal occupation. She works for a respected left wing newspaper Il Manifesto. Nicola Calipari the secret service agent killed played leading roles in negotiating the release of Ms Sgrena and other hostages before her.

On lighter news, its my pleasure to announce that former British home secretary David Blunkett is not the father of his ex-lover's (American Kimberly Quinn) baby son. Finally this issue can be thrashed and not take up any more valuable space on the newspapers.

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