Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Are there any Malaysian MPs blogs?

I am interested to know if any Malaysian MPs run blogs or have people run them on their behalf.

I have created a partial list of (interesting) British MPs who blogs (as well as Councillors) but I have no Malaysian MPs to add. Even former US senator Gary Hart has a blog.

A blog by MPs would be one of the best way for them to communicate with their constituents on local as well as regional issues.

Here is an excellent persuassive arguement from my local MP on why MP's should get blogging.

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Halian said...

Hi, good article. Well, most Malaysian MPs do not even have the time to attend Parliamentary sessions (which is the very reason why people voted them) hence, the low attendance in the Parliament, I don't think the MPs would care more about blogging.

Maybe someone should start first, then the others who think that it is good to gain political mileage for themselves may follow.

Jon said...

Thanks for your comment.

Reading the papers here I sense a detachment of Malaysians party politics. Its pretty sad as a country which inherited the British Parlimentary way of democracy.

MPs here are probably just too comfortable with their seats. I would expect MPs with marginal seats to try hard to maintain communication with their locals.

Btw, interesting blog. Another quality Malaysian blog I can link to.