Friday, March 18, 2005

I can't think of a title!

Sunday, remember to watch BBC's Panorama program titled Iraq, Tony and the Truth.

Unfortunately I will miss it since I will be on a plane, but I did program my WinTV Nova-T software to record it.

You know the World has gone mad when a school bans a girl because of her hair.

In a return to IT related news, Microsoft's Windows XP Starter Edition has seen low sales. What do you expect MS?

Via Slashdot, here is an article on the Blu-Ray Vs HD-DVD next generation DVD standard. I have to say I am in full support for Sony's Blu-Ray standard. The specification is far superior to HD-DVD. Hopefully Sony won't make the same mistake as they did with Betamax's surrender to VHS on the consumer market front.

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