Monday, March 21, 2005

Some gaming thoughts...

Via Guardian Gamesblog - apparently there are people out there who actually believe that Halo 2, the overrated game on an overrated games console, is based on the supposed real life story of Jesus Christ!!!

I don't want to sound offensive to my Christian friends but this is one of the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Read more at Christian Post.

On lighter gaming news, the Gizmondo, formerly known as Gametrac has finally debuted. While the price is expensive for a portable games console, the inclusion of a GPS chipset makes this a potential cheap routing device (if a software is released to take advantage of it).

I believe the usage of GPS could potentially revolutionise location based gaming as we know it. Take for example the award winning Can You See Me Now? game created by the Blast Theory group which uses GPS and mobiles to create a location based game, and just imagine what this beast can do.

Atleast two games being developed I know of that takes advantage of the GPS chip, City and Colors.


PoPi said...

How can that me, a game based on the real story of Jesus. How they know what kind of life jesus have.

Jon said...

Because they do you ignorant blashemous fool!