Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kidnapping do's and don'ts Malaysian style

More paranoia from The Star. Today's 'Fight Crime!' guide is kidnapping.

Do's: Try to escape if no one is guarding you. The best time is when kidnappers go to buy lunch or are resting. LOL!

The Star, 24 March 2005: Kidnapping

I am more interested in why they decided to insert a picture of a VW Golf/Polo in there. Surely there are almost none of these wonderful cars in Malaysia no?


Anonymous said...

Probably because they cribbed the article in Malaysian tabloid style from a paper in another nation..

Or perhaps it's the e-mail I received a while ago, that wouldn't surprise me either, they seem a little desperate at times..

Anonymous said...

Lunch ? LMAO !

Of course, kidnappers have shifts too, I think. They can take turns to watch you.

But if they don't they might just tie/lock you up besides isolation.

Jon Choo said...

Should have been renamed to The Star guide to how to die early in the hands of kidnappers.