Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A whole lotsa links to post today...

War is still an issue says rebel Labour MPs as general elections moves nearer

US general approved use of torture confirmed

BBC throws out Jerry Springer : The Opera complaints. See? There is justice after all. For Malaysians readers you have to read this to understand why I am so peeved about the whole issue.

Update: Via Bloggerheads, here's Christian Voice begging for cash

You want a Big Mac with that book?

Yes, you could be receiving more than you bargain for when you purchase future books... I'm Lovin' It - the quest of the holygrail of all hamburgers.

Dissent is good for democracy argues Tony Benn.

Wolfie wins Europeans backing. :(

Via Bloggerheads, former Labour spin doctor, opps, communications chief Alastair Campbell's new blog. Check it out!

Are you Backing Blair? New video.

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