Sunday, March 27, 2005

Election fever heating up

12-point Labour leads. Check out backing blair for information on how to register your protest vote. Vote Tories! What with the last of old Labour now finally dead there is no stopping the new one from further moving to the right. Can you can tell the difference between these two!??!

By the way its already too late to register to vote in this year's General Election so tough. However if you are elligable to vote, its still worth registering for next year's Local Elections.

Conservative campaign meltdown as backlash appears over deselection. Tsk tsk...

Can Howard win? Unlikely...

Nerds rejoice: Doctor Who reviews Doctor Who, verdict? Fairly positive.

Unfortunately despite me being a Christopher Eccleston fan (check out Shallow Grave) I don't think I can go back watching Science Fiction. Its all too predictable. I would still watch the new Star Wars not out of being a fan but because of its cultural significance.

Your rights: Malaysia gov disbands moral police after condemnation

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