Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Product Review: Quattro razor

Some clever Malaysian friends had the cheek to e-mail me informations on the so called 'supercar' a Malaysian company is planning to build. Stop spamming me okay? I get the gist. Malaysia boleh. Jeez...

For the three years my primary razor has been the Gillette Mach 3 series (and occasionally cheap airline razors and er... my girlfriend's Venus...). I 'upgraded' to the turbo variation about a year ago.

The three razor blade at first suited me fine but as my skin grew rougher would glide occasionally pricking my skin and causing me to bleed the whole day. Not only that but I could never replicate the one glide movement that David Beckham has impressed during some of his more nauseating Gillette adverts.

The only reason I continued using Mach 3 Turbo is because I was stupid enough to purchase an eight pack cartridge refill from a dubious street trader in Western Road, Brighton.

So when my girlfriend bought me a Wilkinson Sword Quattro (because I forgot my razor again when I visited her and by now she was beginning to get fedup with me using her Venus), it was a chance for me to break free of Gillette's Mach 3 grip.

Buy me, I will change your life
image: two recommended products

It has been my main razor over the past two weaks and I have been impressed by its four blades and eight protective wires over the head. I have no idea how those wires can protect my scruffy oriental skin but it works. One glided shaving is still impossible but its surprising how much facial hair it could mow of my face during the first glide.

The razor's body which is made from alloy, has a satisfactory weight to it giving it some form of luxury when compared to the Mach 3. Very nice...

Its not able to provide me with the perfect shave but nothing will. But it those signify that the holy grail of shaving might just come from this Anglo-German company in the future.

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Anonymous said...

For me leh, i always get to use the cheapskate Gillate blade nia, you know la, those that cost RM10 and got 3 in a packet one.

Somemore shave that time also very the painful.