Saturday, February 5, 2005

Girls Fined for Giving Cookies to Neighbours

What do you get if you deciced to bake cookies for your neighbours? Get sued that's what!

Two teenage girls decided one evening to skip one summer's evening dance and stayed home baking cookies for their neighbours. They left half a dozen choc-chip cookies for a middle aged lady with a note 'Have a great night."

The 49 yead old women named Wanita Renea Young became terrified by the knocks on her door around 10.30pm (This is America we are talking about so its no surprise that some of them are so scared of terrorists trying to terrorized them at night).

She ended up in hospital and decided to sue the young girls. And she won! The two teenage girls were ordered to pay US$900.

Man, I am glad I am not a resident of a sue happy country.

Denver Post, MSNBC

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