Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Red Ken still refuses to apologise

Good ol' Red Ken! London mayor Ken Livingstone has refused to apologise to the Daily Mail group and their London paper The Evening Standard for likening their rude Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp.

And in his statement he attacked The Daily Mail group for being anti-semitism for half a century. It was the most fascist paper in the 1930s. With time their targets changed to blacks and Irish. And today their main targets are muslims and asylum seekers.

76% of public correspondence to the mayor has been supportive of his stance. An online Guardian voting pool shows 75% of readers support the mayor and a CNN pool shows roughly 64% in support.

Tony Blair has urged the mayor to apologise - but I think the PM should apologise for lying to the World on Iraq first before even thinking of asking the mayor to apologise.

Source: BBC News

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