Friday, June 23, 2006

Nintendo DS game guide

Did you like many others purchase a DS Lite today? Sold off that PSP? What to do with that extra cash? You will need games for that wouldn't you? Well here are my suggestions for 10 recommended (must have) DS purchases, in no particular order:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (review)
If you owned the previous two Advance Wars GBA games then this may not be a worthy upgrade but if you are even the slightest fan of Chess/Risk/Command & Conquer, then this turn based strategy war game should be welcomed to your new DS collection.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (review)
A great game on its own, the real fun begins when you go online and visit your mate's towns. Up to four people can be connected at the same time.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (review)
Simple the best 2D Castlevania ever developed, you play as Dracula reincarnated Soma Cruz as he battles a Christian sect hell bent on introducing a new Dracula (apparently Soma is too nice). All in the name of 'balance'.

Electroplankton (review)
This isn't a proper game per se but a highly recommended purchase regardless if you enjoy creating music. Calming to play before you sleep.

Mario Kart DS
Probably the best Mario Kart ever developed. Contains 16 new tracks and 16 retro tracks from past Mario Kart games, with Nintendo WiFi you can go online and race with anybody around the world.

Metroid Prime Hunters (review)
The best FPS game isn't on the PSP. It's on the DS. With WiFi connection, you can battle with people from around the world. Play as bounty hunter Samus or one of the other newly introduced hunters, each having their own special weapons.

New Super Mario Bros. (review)
An absolute return to form. Mario returns for the first time in years for a classic 2D style platformer with stunning 3D graphics. A must have for any gamers.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (review)
If may lack a high replay value but for that 20 hours of gameplay time clocked you will be sucked into a world that is both comedic and emotional.

Professor Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?
At 15 quid via Amazon, this is a great game that apparently works wonder on your brain (not proven yet) and features 'intelligent' quick games. The Maths 30x local LAN battle will prove to be a wonderful party game.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife (review)
A surgery simulator, you use your stylus to operate on your patients. Highly addictive and difficult as well. This was why the DS was born, so we could all pretend to be doctors.

Other recommendations:

Bomberman DS - The single player is crap but at a price (£10), you will enjoy tons of fun via the local LAN play.

Kirby: Power Paintbrush - Use your stylus to help restore Dreamland from its canvas curse in this innovative platform starring everyone's favourite pink fluffy hero, Kirby.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - A mate of mine commented how weird Mario & Luigi: PiT was. Because PiT is a RPG game with turn based battle systems and upgrades you may find it confusing at first. But it is funny as hell.

Nintendogs - Tamagotchi on steroids. You look after dogs this time. Cute little puppies.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan - If you only ever import one game, import this. Well this and Bleach DS (review). You won't even need to know Japanese. This rhythm game is extremely difficult and will require dedication but does reward you will excellent covers of classic J-pops and J-rocks. Osu!

Sonic Rush - Wah-hey! Forget crappy Sonics, this is classic 2D Sonic - over two screens no less. With glorious 3D backgrounds too. Nice one Sonic Team. Now, don't go screwing up the next DS Sonic.

Super Mario 64 DS - If you haven't played the original N64 classic, this is the time. Classic 3D platforming at its best, hampered only by the not too perfect control mechanism.

Tetris DS - A new take on Tetris containing many different interpretation of the game, with retro soundtrack and graphics to boot! Battle your mates or strangers via the net.

Did I forget anything? Add on the comments if you feel another game deserves to be mentioned.


RichardAM said...

I LOVE the Nintendo DS!

I've preordered NSMB for next week, after that i'm considering Trauma Centre. Depends what bargains there is going.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a tonne of great suggestions! Cool-ass blog.

Jon Choo said...
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Jon Choo said...

@Richard, you will love NSMB!

@McB, cheers!

SpoKA said...

Great list!