Thursday, June 29, 2006

More monkey business

Indecent? Indecent? Playboy Indonesia indecent? You must be kidding yourself. When I was a kid I have seen more flesh in the supermarket than the first issue of Playboy Indonesia. Get a fucking grip.

That is the situation in South-East Asia. What about Britain?

Well thanks to people like Labour MP Claire Curtis-Thomas (pro Iraq war, pro top-up fees, pro anti-terrorism bill) whose agenda to classify FHM, Arena et al in the same top shelf category, (traditionally belonging to Penthouse, Mens Only etc) has somehow suddenly make people like me, who occasionally read 'lads mags', pornographers.

Excuse me lady but I once had an unfortunate incident where I was glancing through my girlfriend's copy of Cosmo and I saw pages upon pages of naked men - with their dicks exposed no less. I cringed but I did not object them as pornography. And if you were to read Jennifer's copies of Glamour you will find no end to the endless talk of casual sex. It's the 21st century - stop living in your idealistic past.

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Head Hunter said...

i collect this first issue of indonesian playboy,is bored, boring content e.g. stories and advices and advertising, no sexy gals posing, no many pics..

some group of people in their country just bring up this matter, use playboy as an excuse for show their loyalty. in order to expand, the group need to find "something" to sacrify rite? playboy is just their marketing strategy.

Anonymous said...

The issue is with the magazine covers not the content. In the UK cosmo covers are generally fairly tame and feature head and shoulders shots. However magazines such as ZOO and Nuts feature almost naked women on the cover.

A woman would be arrested for walking down the street as she appeared on these front covers.

Yet a women who wants to breastfeed her baby in public is not allowed.

Jon said...

Almost naked cover? Like this: