Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some other stuff

I was at Comet yesterday evening getting some DVD blanks when I went to look at some earphones. The selections were utter crap.

The funny thing was a family was there looking for portable speakers. You know, those superbly overpriced white speakers that you pay through your arse because it has a 'dock connector'.

Anyway as I was listening to some music, the lady thought I couldn't hear her. I could, because I wasn't wearing in-ears (it's broken remember?). They were obviously confused on which speakers to purchase. I am guessing iPod 'compatible' speakers (see above paragraph), because she pointed at my player and told her hubbie "That's not an iPod, it's a MP3 player".

My god, woman! Technically the iPod is a MP3 player too. iPod is a brand, not a description. Just like Playstation (or Nintendo before that) isn't a description of a console, but a brand/model. I am gobsmacked that people still make such mistakes but I blame the media for that, well at least clueless fashion journos.


So I went to Halfords next door and had a look at some of the bikes. Everytime I had a look at that Carrera Fury my heart stops. It is simply a beautiful bike. Too bad at £500 I simply could not afford them unless I go second hand. And people call Carreras 'entry level' bikes. Spare a thought for us mortals.

Lucky for me someone adviced not to get full suspension as it would be totally uncomfortable for city use. So that's alright. I will probably get something with aluminium frame and front suspension.


living-in-the-uk said...

will it fit into the £150 budget ?

Jon said...

Cancelled the idea. Found a used bike shop in Brighton will be going down there on Friday and have a look.