Saturday, June 10, 2006


We were in town today, first sunbathing then taking advantage of the Yo! Sushi half price takeaway offer. At around 4.30pm we were walking through the high street, when I noticed that there weren't any celebrations by England fans.

No trumpets or anything. Pubs were empty. No dancing on the streets. No "Eng-ger-land". We speculated much of the time whether England lost (or drew) or won through an appalling performance. When we got back at 6pm I checked the BBCand found out that while England did win, they won by pure luck (own goal).

An ironic display of elation (image source: BBC News)

LOL. Anyway I won't judge since I did not watch the match but the England team should just shut up and stop talking about beating Brazil if they intent on going through the first round.

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BawangMerah said...

Heh, the game started of ok, then faded after the first 20 minutes.

Jon said...

I will check Match of the Day later tonight.

RichardAM said...

PLEASE do not get me started on a World Cup rant!

Like everything else it's totally blown out of proportion by the media.

No offense to any of the supporters or even English residents themselves, but the sooner you get kicked out the better, i'm sorry.

Jon said...

Yay Scotland. Oh wait, nevermind. ;)

I guess I have to root for Sweden and Trinidad!

kung fu man said...

hahaha I have no time for the posers that call themselves footballers. they spend more time spending their inflated pay packet and promoting asda and the such. Bunch of wankers. Where are all the patriotic flag waving nuckleheads when Brussels is selling of the last of their 'proud-god save the queen' land. No where because they couldn't think themselves out of a childrens crossword, and have not got a clue. Why is it most football fans are fat tossers who clearly have never kicked a ball in their lives as well? and why is it that you never see people walking down the road in their cricket creams when the oval is in season, shouting 'bollocks' and 'ooi you wanker' at random passers by?/ You dont see snooker fans walking down the road in a shirt tie and vest when theirs an important match on!
Arseholes the lot of them.
rant over LOL glad ingland lost. Maybe it will show that skill and practice is what wins the day. Not quest photos in Hello magazine.