Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Help needed: used or new bike

Jennifer's new found enthusiasm for bikes (blame her mates) has made me think twice about finally getting a new bike. Unfortunately like all tech stuff, bikes has come a long way since - and I haven't kept up with biking lark of late! The last time I went for a light trail was what, ten years ago I believe. So excuse the newb lingo.

The bike will be mainly for commuting (ie. city use) with the occasional off-road excursion. No touring, no jumping. I am thinking of course of getting a mountain bike with at least a front suspension. Because I do not want to trudge a bike from London to Brighton and back again, I will probably just leave the bike in Brighton, at least for the summer.

Because our budget isn't as high as those of say, a biking enthusiast, the frame would have to be steel of course. Right now the Raleigh Explore RS MATT with steel frame and full suspension comes in at £130. Or should I forgo the back suspension and get the Raleigh Freeride LX with aluminium frame for 30 quid extra? Please excuse the laughable budget.

Any ideas? Should I even get a hybrid? Even £150 is pushing it so used bikes are of course preferable than new ones (I saw a Carrera Fury going for £170), and any suggestions of a reputable second hand dealer in London and/or Brighton who doesn't deal with stolen bikes is greatly appreciated. I won't need a 'proper' mountain bike yet though. Just enough to get back into biking. Cheers.

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living-in-the-uk said...

i think the lighter one will do u good. but depending on the weight difference. but price-wise.. it's all up to ur budget, most prolly. hehe.
oh do tell if u've found the place that sells second hand bike stuffs. i'm also looking for them. ( not actively of course.)
well good luck on ur bike buying :)

RichardAM said...

LOVE my bike! Or rather my father's, i've outgrown mine and like you i'm a little too lazy to update!

I think ultimately suspension both at the front and back is a must, but given your budget, definately aim for at least front. Not that you'll be jumping like you say, but it's definately a god-send.

Jon Choo said...

Thanks for the advice. I have to put off the purchase for the time being since I have to get a new suit (for a coming wedding - not mine!).

I think I will settle for front suspension for now. Been cycling on stiff MBKs my entire life (no wonder my back hurts during trails) so front suspension should help!