Friday, June 30, 2006

NSMB out today!

That's right folks, the European version of New Super Mario Bros. is officially out today. Go get it. Like now.

I have already reached World 8 (very Castlevania like) but still have far to go into collecting all the star coins that goes into unlocking all the alternative routes (man, I sucked). This is one of the best platformer ever released.

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living-in-the-uk said...

i'm impressed with the ways u play console games. or rather those electronic games in particular. i got a few games.. and i can't even find the motivation to play them. what motivates u to play ?

tabik hormat to u :P

RichardAM said...

Got it Yesterday, World 5. Couldn't get to W4 though, haven't found that route yet.

Picked up Wario Ware touched yesterday too, bargain at £13, really fun game.

QUIK! said...

I am still in world 5 I think...aiya...lately have been neglecting me DS

Matt said...

Got it today and am up to World 2 currently. Its more difficult than I imagined.

Jon said...

@Ken, I am a casual gamer but lucky for me I don't have too many other hobbies. Not going out drinking everyday gives me the time. :)
Plus Jennifer loves gaming too, so we like that we share something common.