Friday, June 23, 2006

Some stuff

Anybody owns a Philips SHE9500 in-ear fones? Ever since my Shure e2c broke I have been searching for a replacement in-ear passive noise reduction fones and the SHE9500 comes in at the cheapest of those I were interested in. Bloody Richer Sounds raised their catalogue price for the Sennheiser CX300 by 10 quid to 40.

The CX300's cable looks flimpsy enough, even the e2c's cable however thick it was - was capable to snap, I doubt I am prepared to pay that much for a CX's ultra lightweight cable. The SHE9500's cable looks equally as breakable but at roughly half the price I wouldn't cry as much if anything goes wrong. Any other suggestions? Why in-ear? Well my music isn't encoded in high bitrate (96kbps WMA9 VBR) anyway, so I won't need high-def cans.

Oh, and don't buy Dell notebooks. Between us and our families we had five Dell notebooks and all of them failed. Thankfully before something like this happened.


Remember gamers, the European variant of the DS Lite is out today. Today. I wish I went down and joined the queue on Oxford Street for the official launch at GAME, but I've already got one and didn't need another one (or do I...?).

The Beeb has also written a short but glowing review on the DS Lite. They did a huge mistake by calling the white variant a 'iPod white' and the black version a 'PSP black', proving yet again that White City is populated by raving iPod and Sony fanboys. Fortunately it seems that they are finally buying into this concept about two screens and quirky gameplay.


I was annoyed with the BBC's choice of live World Cup. Why show a boring Japan Vs Brazil on the main channel? Lucky for me I had Freeview and watched (partly anyway) the Aussie Vs Croatia match. Talk about a not-so-boring match, eh? Fifa, give Graham Poll the job for the finals. We need more comedy on the field!


elb said...

get Etymotics? ;)

Jon said...

No money.

QUIK! said...

So at the end which one did you get? I'm planning to get some noise-cancelling earphones myself for my flights, and am looking at the Sony MDR-NC11 (naturally my first choice) but what do you reckon?

Jon said...

Didn't get anything yet. No funds. :(

I heard active noise-cancelling fones like the NC11 muddles the sound when activated. In my experience passive noise-cancelling fones works well even in trains.