Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Film Review: Brokeback Mountain DVD

Brokeback Mountain is a controversial film. And all for the wrong reason too. Despite the world seemingly moving on and opening up, there are still idiots out there who are still lacking in tolerance. It is a film that its audiences are split right at the middle - those who loved it and those who hated it (although many who hated it probably didn't watch it). Well chalked up another one for those who think that this film is great.

This is the kind of film that, when you leave the theater or switched off the telly, you do not forget. It lingers in your mind and you want to watch it again. It is a great film because it bears witness to the tragic tale of two people who are awfully in love with each other. And even more so than even the ultimate tragic love story that was William Shakesphere's Romeo & Juliet.

The photography is wonderful. Brokeback mountain, where Ennis and Jack spent a couple of months there, is ideally and believable as the location where they would fall for each other. You will feel like escaping the city and moving down to Wyoming.

Heath Ledger was terrific (why did the Academy robbed him of the Oscars?) in his portrayal as the uncomfortable Ennis. Ennis is clearly in love with Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) although he has a problem with his sexuality. Both ended up marrying people that they do not really love, out of due pressure on society's expectation - which is really sad. Ennis who threw away his life was pathetic in the end, but you do feel sorry for him.

I was never really a fan of Ang Lee. I believe that Hulk was a disaster and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is the most awful film, like ever. But this film flows with realism. I know realism is a subjective matter, but everything feels real here - the violence, the love, the sadness and the comedy. It is ironic that the only other Ang Lee melodramatic film that I ever enjoyed and would recommend to anyone is The Wedding Banquet.

The PAL DVD version that we borrowed of a mate, was excellent in its quality. I am sure that the studio did all they could to have the DVD transfer as accurate as possible to the theatrical version (although I can't confirm) because this film damn well deserves it. We didn't have time to view the extras, but there were there.

The hype that accompanied this film has been quite silly as I am sure many of you would agree. But regardless of the controversial that accompanied the film within certain section of religious America, Brokeback Mountain is an extremely moving film that deserves to be watched.

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