Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Food Review: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Over the weekend we tried out the recently opened (just last week) Gourmet Burger Kitchen down at Gardner Street, Brighton (part of the Laines area).

Interiors are alright and fits the market easily. It is stylish but isn't over furnished. You will feel quite comfortable here.

We had to order from the bar which was alright with us. Waiting for a server can be a chore. Anything to keep the price low.

They call them GBK fries, I call them chips. Thickly cut as they should be, the chips aren't oily or too crispy. Not salted or anything too! You do that yourself. A little bit pricey at £2.25 a bowl.

The cheese burger: 100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch beef, aged cheddar with salad & relish. A snip at £6.25. The meat was cooked medium-rare and juicy. Relish has a hint of spice. Fantastic.

Fresh lamb with mint relish and salad for £6.95. Juicy too.

The GBK milkshake (£2.80) isn't as lovely as those malt shakes found at Soho's Ed's Easy Diner. We had a complimentary 'Satay' sauce (£1.25) due to a mixup with our drinks. It isn't authentic but it is still tasty. Works with both chips and burgers.

GBK is one of the better burger bar you can find at a reasonable price. It easily beats other burger gastros such as Tootsies. Of course the best burgers are the one we cook ourselves. The burgers are at least chunky and the chips are reasonably portioned. You may have to share them if you couldn't stomach them.

We wouldn't mind a second visit but we have to think about sharing. Plus I would love to try out the rarer stuff like Venison and veggie burgers.

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siedne said...

oo looks goood...but alas, u shud've put pictures of the patty and the cheese and the relish, ehehe, was looking foward to see the yummy bits.

living-in-the-uk said...

dang !! nice food !! :P~~~
it's good to see that u're eating well. hope sideways as well :P

Anonymous said...

The burger looks really nice. Can't find that in Malaysia I think...

Jon Choo said...

@Siedne, will do so the next time. :)

@Ken, I always eat well!

@Neo, no idea...

Anonymous said...

Wah so big one. Me can only afford Ramli burger!

Anonymous said...
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