Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ugly Betty "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Just caught the opener to Ugly Betty season two on C4. What a downer. The episode was just too busy, way more than even the messy Heroes's S2 opener 'Four Months Later' and rivalling that of Bionic Woman.

The plot between Amanda and her finding out her real parents was something that probably should have been taken more seriously by the producers. Both me and Jenni agreed that the cheap gags felt out of place. We know that Ugly Betty (Channel 4, Friday 9pm) in essence is a black comedy, but to resort to slapstick comedy early on and in the frequency in which it was done, indicates writers block - which isn't something reassuring as this is only the season opener!

Plenty of plots were cramped into the episode which some could have been deferred to later episodes. For example the whole 'dream' thing with Hilda went a bit too far and Betty's love problem with Henry could have been dealt later. Three major plots were set up in this episode. Amanda's search for the real father. Alexis waking up from her coma and forgetting that she had a sex change. And Claire Meade's attempt to stop Wilhelmina from wrestling her husband away from her.

Then there are the minor plots like Betty's relationship with Henry, Justin running away from school, Ignacio still stuck in Mexico and Hilda not being able to move on... Like I say the episode just drag on and on. It was a messy affair. They could have taken it slowly but judging by current trends, they just love to make a big bang during the first episode of any series. And let us not forget the other minor plot left hanging from season one where me thinks somebody is out to get Ignacio. Season two will get pretty complex.

The one thing that pisses us off with the opener was seeing Santos walk out the bathroom apparently alive. It could have been a dream sequence, but the producers decided to play around a little while. Dream sequence in TV programmes usually last just one scene, but not this. It just drags on and on, with scenes after scenes, until bam - they reveal it was a dream.

I am sure it will get better. Already the producers of Heroes redeemed themselves with "Lizards" so who knows, maybe Ugly Betty will get right back on track.

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