Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heroes recap

While the rest of us continue to follow Hiro's love triangle plight in Asuka Japan, the BBC will be broadcasting 'Company Man' tonight (9pm, BBC2). This was an important milestone in the first series of Heroes where the viewers were finally brought up to speed with Mr. Bennett's shady background and his history with The Company. If you were always wondering whether Mr. Bennett is a villain or a good guy be sure to catch 'Company Man' tonight as Jack Coleman gives one of his best performance yet as HRG.

Meanwhile for those who likes to keep up to date in the Heroes world will find that Mr. Bennett has returned to his good old habit of smacking people up in 'The Line'. Old habits die hard I guess. Glad to see that, despite his rebellious and ungrateful daughter, he is still willing to be the ultimate bad ass in order to protect his family. In what is a complete reversal to last season's plot, we also find that The Tooth Fairy in which he seeks to destroy isn't all what it seems. Oh and we have another "save New York" mission, this time instigated by Peter. My money is this new calamity will be caused by Maya.

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