Thursday, October 25, 2007

Royal Mail useless as ever

Arghhh. Just received a "Sorry, you were out" card left by the postie. The card notes that the parcel will be kept at a Royal Mail depot that is located six miles away despite two other depots nearer, as well as a local Post Office just a 10 minute walk away.

Update: Apparently the depot is a local one some three miles away. They actually printed the wrong address, but the correct postcode, on the calling card! Lucky for me I typed the postcode into TomTom and found out the right address. Those monkeys.

Nevermind. Went to CeX to get rid of some old junk but they did not have "enough money". Apparently they do not have enough cash in store because they spent most of their cash flow into buying an Iphone and 40" Bravia telly last week. Both were still on sale a week later, most likely because no sensible people would pay for a last-gen phone with next-gen price or purchase a 40" HDTV from dodgy head bangers. Weird business model they have there.

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Mazza said...

Heard postperson delivering my mail today (was about 3 feet from door) and heard letters dropping onto porch floor. Went to collect them and found amongst letters, card stating parcel not delivered because I was not in!

No-one knocked at door or rang bell (bell working). Has happened before too! Are they too busy to deliver parcels & shove card through then dash off? Rang to complain as inconvenient – am off work ill and will struggle to collect. They cannot redeliver till Monday & this is too late – besides – same thing might happen! Am told if I send someone else to collect it I must give them my passport, drivers licence or credit card for ID!!! No chance! Don’t have credit card but if had, it wouldn’t leave my possession. Was also told person collecting parcel for me would need similar ID of own.

My complaint was not even being logged and I was aware no record being made & I had to insist they log it officially before any details taken – it seems apparent that many complaints probably never get recorded.

On top of this I frequently get mail addressed to other persons – in same street or adjacent streets & have to deliver these myself. Also, I have had bank statements seemingly fall into a black hole since they get sent out but never arrive. Gone paperfree now!

Worse still, is a pink envelope, unopened & undelivered it seems, that was on my front path near my gate on Wednesday (not addressed to me or neighbours) but blew into street as was very windy. The letter is soaking & filthy so have no intention of picking it up & delivering it or putting it back in postbox. Postperson seems to have ‘dropped’ it when delivering my mail on Wednesday.

They should get rid of the ‘Royal’ part – you expect top class service with ‘Royal’ in the name. There is nothing Royal about this service unless Royal goes with inefficiency, poor service & ignorance.