Monday, June 18, 2007

Apple lies again

Apple Iphone Vs competitors, according to Apple PR, and as accepted by delusional Apple fanboys:

Apple Iphone Vs Nokia N95, according to facts (updated 26 July 2007):

Apple Iphone Nokia N95
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
GPS No Yes
UMTS (3G) No Yes
Camera 2Mp, no autofocus
5Mp Carl Zeiss optics with autofocus
3rd Party Apps Web applets Native, Java, Flash, web widgets
Weight 135g 120g
Flash 4GB/8GB 160MB
Expandable Memory No 1-8GB microSDHC
Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, no OBEX
2.0 EDR with OBEX
Radio No Yes
A2DP No Yes
Video Call No Yes
Replaceable Battery No* Yes, Nokia BL-5F
MMS No Yes
Ringtones No** Yes
Video Recording No Yes
Voice Dialling No Yes
Keypad No Yes
Fingerprints on your screen Yes No
OS OS X !!700MB!!*** Series 60v3 9.1

* You are required to send off your phone to Apple to have the battery replaced, for a fee! Kinda like your car.
** It is possible that you may have to rebuy your music from Itunes to use as ringtones, giving Steve Jobs more booty.
*** For a 700MB OS Apple sure does skim on features. What are those 700MB for? Easter eggs of Steve Jobs for Apple apologists to hunt for?


Greenleaf said...

I prefer N95. I like the dual slide design. ;-)

I hope I can buy N95 2 months later.

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