Friday, June 22, 2007


An hour of Wii Sports (boxing) is tougher than cycling the bloody South Downs Way. Respect to people who goes for boxercise.


Kat said...


RichardAM said...

Boxing's my favourite, but Golf can be pretty fun in a relaxing way.

Did you get any other games? Add me to your friends roster once you're all set-up! :)

Jon said...

It isn't mine (I only get to play with it during weekends)! :(

Although hopefully it would soon be resolved through joint custody. Then I will sort out the friend rooster list. :)

> Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

No Zelda TP (GCN instead). This Wii has been designated a 'party console' in order to prevent budget overrun. PS2 remains king for traditional video gaming.

J said...

My fave Wii sports game is definitely Bowling. I've only played Wii sports Boxing once. I didn't like how unresponsive the nunchuk seemed to be at times. It was pretty fun though.

c0y0t3 said...

am really crap with the baseball.. from about 10 chance given during training, I've managed not to hit 9 balls and 1 foul ball! Pathetic1 Probably I need to go to optician and check my eyes!