Friday, June 29, 2007

Wii's Virtual Console is a rip-off

I hate to be so blunt but, Nintendo, your pricing model for downloadable games on Virtual Console sucks.

£3.50 for a single NES game? £5.60 for SNES? £7 for N64? Is that because if the fact that we live in Eurozone that it is okay to make us pay 50% more than that of American Wii owners? I wouldn't mind paying more for a single Neo Geo ROM (MVS carts are uber expensive), but £7 for a 16MB inferior PAL N64 ROM? On top of that we need to buy either a GCN or Wii classic controller to play SNES and N64 games!

For once I say take a leaf out of Sony's pricing model. Seven quid can get you the PSN download for two PlayStation classics Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot. What's that? £3.50 for 400MB Crash Bandicoot goodness! Bargain. Then there is the ability to play downloaded PS1 games on both PS3 and PSP. Virtual Console games however are tied to the Wii.

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Anonymous said...

I 100% agree that the virtual console is a rip off. Do yourself a favor. Download an emulator and some roms. Why? Well for one, you get better graphics and higher resolutions. The virtual console wouldn't be so bad if at least you could play your favorite classics in a higher resolution so it would look good on a monitor that most people have their Wii's hooked up to. Two, you get the convenience of portability. If you have a laptop, you've got your very own portable N64/Snes right there. You can get N64, Snes, Genesis, and all sorts of emulators and roms from this site. Enjoy!