Monday, June 11, 2007

21st century taboos


1. Giving money to beggars
Done that, but before the 21st century. I may throw a 20p coin to a busker or buy a Big Issue from a Big Issue guy. Personally I find charity chuggers more annoying than beggars.

2. Speaking to a stranger on a bus or a train
Apart from exceptional circumstances such as Tube Relief, I have never spoken to anyone on a bus or train. It is the London rule. But outside London I would speak to anyone with a smile on the bus or train. Especially OAPs. They are funny.

3. Holding the door open for a woman
50% of the time I hold the door open for someone, woman or male, unless I hate their appearance, then I would close the door. And run off.

4. Saying that 'Imagine' by John Lennon is rubbish
I think John Lennon and the Beatles are rubbish. As are Paul McCartney, Bono and Bob Geldof. There I said it. David Bowie owns all.

5. Complimenting a friend/relative on their children
I have no idea why this list is even on MSN. Saying a tot is cute is nothing remarkable, me thinks. Perhaps the paedo scare of late is the reason for this taboo.

6. Owning up to drinking full-fat milk
Nothing wrong with that. I never own up to it because people never ask me. This isn't taboo, it is just irrelevant to discuss.

7. Asking for a cup of tea in an upmarket cafe
What is an upmarket cafe? Starbucks, Costa etc. are hardly considered upmarket. But I do know people who goes to Browns and they order tea (no, I have never been there).

8. Being irreverent about Princess Diana
I do not know her. No one from her estate gave me money. Why should I care?

9. Arguing that taxes are good
Taxes are good, to a certain degree. Then you should only tax the rich. Only rich people would argue that taxes are bad.

10. Contesting that England has a third-rate football team
Couldn't care less. But yes, England as a team is third-rate.

What a rubbish list. MSN UK must do better next time.

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RichardAM said...

Seems a lot of it is political correctness gone mad, especially the paedo and "I'm opening the door for you, therefore I want your ass" lark. And when did stating opinion and personal ideas become taboos?

A bad idea awfully executed methinks...