Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malaysian music

Was chatting someone today and she brought up the subject of Malaysian music. Then it hit me, damn, I used to be a fan of mid 1990s Malaysian music scenes, and I miss it. Bands like KRU, Wings and Search and people like Ella, Sheila Majid, Ning Baizura, Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain and the beautiful Fauziah Latiff (ah, I had a penchant for Malay female artists back then). Those were the days before I discovered Death Metal.

Anyway when I signed off went straight to YouTube and watched a couple of illegally uploaded videos. I think I spent hours just watching and reminiscing about those time when I spend more time listening to music and reading Malaysian magazines like Gelihati and Gila Gila and Japanese mangas. Sigh, better try to find those cassettes that I spent a huge fortune on!

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