Monday, June 4, 2007

New farcical London 2012 logo revealed: Lisa Simpson giving head

Verdict: Utter rubbish, dross, ghastly, bland, crap, garish, hideous, ugly, train wreck, disaster, woeful, cack, dated, tacky, vile, embarrassing or whatever insults you can think of. This does not appeal to young, old, left wing, right wing, hip or whatever excuse Seb Coe can think of. It only appeals to 'trendy' people who has a taste for bad designs. BTW please take a look at their recently relaunched website. Must be some kind of Web 2.0 joke.

This new logo, or 'brand' as Lord Coe puts it, is the perfect example of a couple of old people reminiscing about the 80s trying to be 'in touch' and 'getting it in' with the 'innit' culture by being 'edgy' and failing miserably. If you want graffiti art get a real and proper graffiti artist like Banksy. Even if you think the disjointed mess is fine take a look at the other stuff they got wrong. The typography for example is just blend and unprofessional. The Olympic logo is missing its recognisable colours.

ITV News this evening showed this to a bunch of kids and the first kid said "it's rubbish", so it doesn't seem to be appealing to young urban edgy kids as Seb seems to think it will. It even gave me migraine. I had to read a news article to find out that the logo was 2012. And to think they spent £400,000 on this. If this was Eurovison this would be another nul point. Oh, I can't wait for them to reveal their mascots. Lisa and Bart Simpson perhaps?

This logo does not represent London.

Kinda wish that Paris won the games right now. At least their logo was good and use the 'S' and '2' to great effect. Even the old London logo was good enough, especially with its recognisable Thames ribbon flow.

Ken Livingstone's LONDON would be a much better alternative.



QUIK! said...

gosh...i am baffled, when i first saw it...i was like...WHERE THE FUCK is the logo...that's really horrific la...even their logo during the bidding is so much better...


Wanna appeal to younger people? I think they mean babies from 1 - 3.

Jon said...

It did unite the world briefly as it brought all of us who hated the logo (plenty I reckon) together.

I suggest a Nobel peace price for Seb Cole!

Too bad World War III is closing by.

RichardAM said...

The cost of it is utterly appaling.

Either way, disadvantage London (or UK?) for having a symbol that will be the butt of many jokes abroad for years to come.

tokyo_nights said...

That's a logo? Look like rejects from someone's attempts at origami