Monday, June 25, 2007

Shunning social networking sites

Another reason why I stay clear from these so-called "social" networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. I do not understand why people need to barricade themselves within class factions. It is fairly obvious. I have friends who are pretty middle class and educational and consider themselves the Ipod generation - they all go to Facebook. My other mates who aren't from a middle class background, who are into music for what it is (not for the gadget) and has a pretty fun life would go to MySpace. Then there are the rest who goes somewhere else because they want to be unique (0r pretend to be), until it becomes the next big thing, then they migrate somewhere else complaining about the influx of MySpace/Facebook/whatever people.

I tended to be a massive anti-MySpace guy myself, but recently Facebook has recently joined the top list of an ever growing list of websites to avoid (mainly due to the many hate sites available there - guess being educational doesn't mean you are civilised), which includes such atrocities like Digg and other shenanigans (still including MySpace, don't worry - though I gather that many indie folks still hang there to talk about music than about themselves).

My advice? Send those invite e-mails straight into the thrash bin. You have no idea what kind of shit you will be letting yourself into by signing up with these Web 2.0 sites. Sigh, I wish for a simpler times when all I needed was IRC and people were friendly and G$$gle hasn't morphed into a 90s monopolistic Micro$oft.

Viewing American class divisions through MySpace and Facebook

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