Saturday, June 30, 2007

Music industry hates free CDs

The decision by the whining music industry to threaten Prince because of his decision to give away copies of his new album Planet Earth beggars belief. This, and their attempt to shut down CD Wow just proves that they hate consumers and their main objective as always is about ripping consumers off to enhance the salary of their executives.

Never mind that the album is being given away with the crap that is the Mail on Sunday (just bin the paper when you get the CD), Prince is just brilliant for stirring up the industry the way he did. The real money is made through gigs and tours, not overpriced albums, where the majority of the profit goes to fat cats (who probably sits all day dreaming of making more money and who else to screw over). If Prince can make a couple of fans happy then I say go for it. I for one applaud him for it.

via BBC News

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