Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Imported CDs deemed illegal

First SCEE killed off Lik-Sang, now the record industry wants to do away with CD-Wow!. Little did I know that it was apparently illegal to import original (ie. non-pirated) CD albums from outside Europe. Logically it sounds dumb, but the courts seems to think otherwise. The copyright laws are outdated and doesn't take into account the globalisation factor of Internet commerce.

From a consumer's viewpoint, it just looks like the record companies, under the direction of the British Phonographic Industries, have a secret desire to push back CD prices to the depressing times of late 90s when a typical one CD album cost £15. It is just bloody hilarious and I see no positive outcome from this ruling apart from increase in prices which in turn would drive people to pirate more, hence hurting the income of artists more. When a CD


Anonymous said...

15 quid for a cd? bloody ridiculous, I say!

RichardAM said...

Thank god there's Tesco and their under a £10 CDs. Shame about their selection though.

Jon Choo said...

I secretly shop there for bargains, but don't tell anyone.