Monday, March 5, 2007

Tesco ain't so bad

Just had the opportunity to check out the newly opened Tesco Metro yesterday. Because our dinky part of London had no proper mid sized supermarket since Safeway/Morrisons closed shop 8 months ago, it was a relief when I found out that a tenant has finally been found to occupy the previously empty plot. No need to purchase groceries from the local but expensive Marks & Spencers any longer.

Already the cashier I found the be a lot more friendlier than the Morrisons one (the one where they harassed a scruffy twenty something guy for an ID because he looked "too young" to buy booze). Apparently they have been handing out vouchers with up to four quid off purchases, which I didn't have (nor did I know of), but she was kind enough to obtain a spare voucher and took £4 off my tiny £8 groceries, without me asking! That is what I call excellent customer service. Seeing that they also sell games, that £4 voucher would certainly come in handy.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone's blogging from LONDON.

QUIK! said...

Tesco's alright, but my money is always on Sainsbury, large because the one near my place is a huge one.

I was at ASDA the other day, and boy the people who shopped there are very CHAV looking. I felt so out of place :S

Jon Choo said...

Couldn't agree more. Asda is the worst place to shop in, period - unless they have 50 quid PS2 offers. ;)

But it isn't surprising as they are owned by Walmart. Same target demographic really. CHAVs in the UK, red necks in the US.