Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Religious monkeys

In recent weeks a mate of mine has been trying to coax me into troublesome religious debates. He knows where I stand regarding religion but he just can't stop pointing out the apparent ridiculousness of my (lack-of) beliefs. I usually counter that there isn't any proof that anything in the bible is true. It is after all a book written by dead men. When I demanded proof of Jesus's apparent divinity his counter is simply that because it is written in the bible, it is proof enough. Saddest thing is no matter how much he tries to preach about god and Jesus, he regularly fails to acknowledge other religions like Islam, often citing said religion as a 'violent' one - which I find very ironic considering how the history of his religion is riddled with blood and death, not to mention how similar the two religions are.

FFS, I don't care if you love Jesus, just stop bugging me about it.


RichardAM said...

Direct your friend to the writings of David Hume.

It wont fully suggest to him that he abandon his beliefs, but it will certainly kick start the process.

Anonymous said...

that's why you need to learn more about your own religion. to protect yourself from such 'attacks'. you also need to study all of other religions too. read their holy books and don't stop in the middle until you find the true one. because if you stop, you will be stuck in atheism or scientology.

and for that 'religious monkeys' you said, just say to them to find a sentence in bible asking them to go to church on sunday. if they can't find one, why they bother to go to church at all?