Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend stuff

Yesterday we went to visit a friend of ours, Tony, in Rustington near Littlehampton. He just joined the property ladder and we were there to have a look at it. We were planning to mountain bike there but I just found that my bike's shifters and brake levers were clogged in chalk from our last bike ride so it was off to get serviced. Rustington town is nice and quiet, a far cry from merry old London. The local pub, the Windmill Inn, serves excellent pub food (I had the mixed battered fish and scampi with chips) and it was great with the local Arundel ale. The pub, a non-smoking one, has a large beer garden and staffs were brilliant.

After checking of the house (and helping out with the removing of some tacky wallpapers), he brought us to the civil parish town of Arundel. There is an impressive Norman built Arundel Castle which sits nearby a small lake. Arundel is a fairly small town and is very similar to Lewes and Windsor. Part of the South Downs Way challenge includes the 28 miles section between Brighton and Arundel so we will probably do it once I get my fitness back and the weather improves.

A little OT now, I just found a crack on my DS Lite. Not that famous hinge crack, but is a new crack between the lanyard loop and the R button. I have been noticing that the DSL when opened clicked a hell a lot rougher than my girlfriend's one especially after my play through of Hotel Dusk in January. It annoys the hell out of me, but it doesn't affect gameplay so I guess I should not complain. If it gets worst I could always gut it and replace the case with a Shock replacement case.

Sitting here typing this doesn't give me much confidence in the built quality of anything, ever again. My PC has been acting up, freezing spontaneously and crashing like hell. Fortunately I have narrowed the source of the problem to the six year old Antec SmartBlue 350W power supply. It was either that or the graphic card but an engine-style kick on the PSU's side solved the problem temporarily, so I am 99.99% sure it is the problem. It actually pisses me off even more because replacing the PSU is a more cumbersome process than replacing a GPU, even though it is 1/10th the price. Oh well, the thing is bloody noisy anyway.

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