Friday, March 2, 2007

More Apple BS

Man, Apple does seem to love bullshitting, don't they? Already having to put up with them pretending that they hate DRM and that they created 'minimalism', Harddrive based DAP, Operating System GUI, the colour white, the word 'pod' and the alphabet 'I', they now want to take the mickey out of people who buys cheap mobiles.

Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. predicted that 10 million customers will pay at least $499 to buy an iPhone next year because they realize most free mobile phones are worthless.

Typical classic Apple bullshit really. In the UK I can walk into any mobile phone store, sign a one year contract and get pretty much any reasonably new mobile phone for free such as the XDA Exec or Nokia N80, most of which has features the Iphone would not have when it launches six months from now. Let's see. My mobile, which is worthless according to Apple, has a better resolution screen, faster processor, QWERTY keyboard, 3G radio and the ability to use both MemoryMap (for Ordnance Survey maps) and TomTom Navigator route maps. Plus it has a replaceable battery. Hell, we have an Ericsson T28m where the stock battery still works. Even the almost decade old Motorola StarTAC 75+ had replaceable battery too. Which is more worthless now eh Apple?

Frankly I am not surprised. This is the company who charges £99 on a screen-less portable music player, and had the cheek to call it innovation because somehow it came in white and can shuffle music. Consider this the last Apple rant, for now.