Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An apology

Sorry for the mess. I am currently changing the template design of this blog so expect broken links and other crazy stuff. Expect a review of Phantom Hourglass sometime later today or tomorrow. Maybe.

Anyone using an obscure web browser like Safari (lol) please let me know if the site appears borked to you.

Called O2 to downgrade my annual contract to a Simplicity rolling contract. Since the mobile that I wanted to upgrade to was too expensive on the tariff that I wanted, I thought it would be best to hold on to my current mobile while paying on a lesser and cheaper tariff; while waiting for a suitable mobile to appear (or a current one to be reduced in price) or just getting a new sim-free device.

It is also nice to find that O2's customer service has improved since the last time I had to deal with them. Everything was sorted in less than 3 minutes.

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