Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Herr Thio Li-ann

Professor of Law Thio Li-ann yesterday gave a rousing homophobic speech at Singapore's parliament against homosexuals, which would have made a dead guy (whom shall remain nameless to prevent the invoking of Godwin's Law) very proud. As a straight guy I was appalled to read her tantrums, laced with name calling and insults towards homosexuals, and feel disgusted at the way she labelled my gay friends.

But I am not surprised by her diatribe. Singapore is a country that actually prides itself to be backward thinking and until today, was illegal to have oral sex even among consenting heterosexuals. I mean people were actually applauding her nauseating rhetoric, which to me, contains absolutely no valid arguments whatsoever that homosexuality is detrimental to society.

Her "because I am right" ramblings include some kind of assertions to protecting human rights, but at the same time she contradicts herself by supporting a law that criminalised homosexual behaviours between consenting adults. In the same speech she also made reference to the bible and koran, believing that by decriminalising homosexuality would be the same as criminalising the two scriptures of yore. And yet she made no mention of other religions such as Buddhism, which gives no opinion on what sexual orientation humans should choose to participate in. But I will let her views on religion slide as I am pretty biassed on the subject...

There are comedy moments of course, like any speech condoning hatred. Her comparing conservatives to environmental conservation was a highlight LOL moment. Another one is her ironic belief that sodomy is a dirty act and yet she did not come out against the legalisation of anal sex between heterosexuals. Plus her "there are no ex-blacks, but there are ex-gays" statement was just so nonsensical it is actually hilarious. There are after all African American 'honorary-whites' during the Apartheid. And who can forget Michael Jackson?

Nobody was asking her to give homosexuals special rights. They were just asking for their activities to be decriminalised. I just find it so sad that a law professor can stoop this low giving a speech that a ten year old racist red neck could have written.

Anyway, five quid bet here that Thio Li-ann may be secretly in the closet. It will certainly go a long way in explaining her weird behaviour.

Hiding Behind Rhetoric: A Rebuttal of Thio Li-Ann


Anonymous said...

dude i admire your bravery, i have gay friends too, but aren't you afraid of being mistaken as gay too?

i just say her comments are not lady-like, i would never want to date a woman who has such a foul mouth!

rock on! power to the people! haha

Jon said...

I would be honoured if gays mistaken me for being one of them. They gave good fashion sense.

Who would date such a hideous woman anyway? *pukes*

Anonymous said...

Yes she was biased. I don't agree with her attitude toward homosexuality but I still think she made some excellent points. Perhaps she didn't mention Buddhism because it gives no mention to sexuality. I thought her points regarding the idea of a sexual minority were valid. She also mentioned how people who were against homosexuality receiving abuse which I have seen myself. YES it is one person's right to his or her own sexuality but it also the right of another to disagree with such things. Not all of those who disagree with homosexuality are homophobic. There are those that keep their opinions on the matter to themselves. I find it equally discriminating to act against those who disagree with homosexuality especially when all they did was state their opinion on the matter.

Jon said...

She has every right to state her opinion. But to actively disbar people from fundamental human rights because of their sexuality is wrong.

Anonymous said...

thio has debased herself with her invectives and diatribes. friends, straight or gay, were surprised at her vituperativeness. you can be againt the legalisation of same-sex sodomy but you can do so in a reasoned, reasonable and sensitive way. but not her. its quite sad that she has degenerated into that level.