Saturday, October 27, 2007

street logos

This is a birthday gift from RichardAM, who sent this through my Amazon Wishlist. Many many thanks mate! Incidentally it was this very book that caused me such grieve, but fret not another parcel containing another gift was among the Royal Mail screw up. Woo-hoo!

It is street logos (1st revision) compiled by Tristan Manco and published by Thames & Hudson (so you know the paper quality is good). Not many know it but I am a huge fan of urban art (mainly stencil graffiti), the good one I mean. Obviously I don't do graffiti myself (it is illegal you know) so the extent of my involvement in it merely is to admire the art and to read about the recent commercialisation of the movement.

This book is filled with not-too-useful but still informative tidbits on the ever changing landscape of street art especially regarding the movement away from typographical graffiti to iconography based. Did you know that Space Invaders invading your clean city is conceived by an anonymous Parisian? Yeah. And he calls himself 'Invader'.

street logos is a perfect coffee table book companion to the admirers of (good) street art as well as the trendy who would not dare make the pilgrimage trip to Bristol.


RichardAM said...

Aha! Wasn't sure if you'd get it or not, especially with all your words on post thievery and failure recently, but i'm glad it arrived okay!


Jon said...

Enjoying it at the moment. Many thanks again.