Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Disgaea 3 trailer to make you smile (PS3)

So what if the visuals are more PS2 than PS3? It is a new Disgaea. Which means 150 hours of gameplay excitement.

The game's hero is Mao (the demon in glasses with the red cape), an honour student at Maritsu Evil Academy in the Netherworld because he skips classes and does experiments on humans through video games and mangas. He decides to become a hero (a definition he gained from mangas) by defeating his father the overlord and taking the throne for himself, despite hating heroes. His childhood friend, Raspberyl (the female demon with pink hair) a delinquent (because who she does her homework and other good deeds that goes against the rules), is threatened by this because if Mao is to become a hero he would take the title of delinquent from her.

Some new gameplay mechanism are shown in the trailer including Mao's demon change where demons can morph into weapons (in his case, the uber massive sword seen at the end). Some of the new attacks are crazy. You can trust Nippon Ichi to deliver the goods.

Speaking of Nippon Ichi, I am having so much fun with GrimGrimoire right now. Much more than Phantom Hourglass (which is a huge disappointment). So many RPGs to play and Persona 3 isn't even out here yet...

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Anonymous said...

Lol nice. Why not on PS2 or wii? Disgaea 1 & 2 are like PS1 games.

Jon Choo said...

The assets while does seem to belong to consoles like the PS1, the special effects and environment would choke it. Both are PS2 games. I am sure Disgaea 3 will make use of the PS3 hardware.