Monday, October 22, 2007

Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Windows Mobile impressions

This software was recommended to me after I complained to a friend of the lack of advance GPS features on Memory Map. The software I am using is the Pocket PC version and is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0 and WM6.

GPS Utilities is a fairly simple program. It does not even come with maps, POI or waypoints. Those are easily obtainable online from resources like Multimap, Digimaps or Google Earth. Not that I care about those as I already have digital Ordnance Survey maps for use on Memory Map. The software supports a range of compatible Bluetooth GPS receivers as well as built-in NMEA compatible chipsets through serial.

At a glance GPS Utilities provide the user with a range of useful information such as co-ordinates, altitude, current speed, course and the statistics of satellites locked onto a GPS receiver. Perfect for geotagging photographs during bike rides. A digital compass is also available.

dThe ability to export the Track Logger file to .kml format and view it on Google Earth should be great for people who still own paper maps or for those who are travelling overseas. You can also convert the logs to GPX compatible files, which can also be used on Garmin devices.

I haven't given the software much testing but so far I find this application to be 'dumb proof', and the soft buttons UI works well during trekking though at times use of stylus is necessary. Unfortunately some key features important to logging are missing such as the ability geotag photographs or notes on my device. I will be trying out more applications in the next few weeks, both freeware and shareware to see what is best for those.


Andrea said...

I installed GPS Utilities on my AT&T Tilt. The problem I am having is with the screen resolution. The GPS Utilities screen is larger than my phone screen which prevents me from accessing all of the keys as they are hidden behind the tool bars. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Jon said...

That is odd. It works fine on mine. It could be a problem specific to the Tilt, as I think it is using HTC's custom UI.

But also make sure you download the Pocket PC version, not the Smartphone version (which has no tabs).

Andrea said...

Thanks Jon,
I did install the wrong version. Efficasoft gave me a free download of the correct version and everything is working fine now. However, GPS Utilities is very time consuming and laborious to use. I just ordered Garmin Mobile XT, which is much better and not very expensive. Check it out: I found it much cheaper at It comes with all the maps, turn by turn...everything!