Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today I sat on my laptop

I usually log onto the internet in the living room with my ThinkPad, before leaving it on the footstool before I head to bed. But last night I left it on the armchair. This morning I went to the living room groggy. In an Arthur Dent moment I sat down on the armchair. It took my brain a second to register that I was sitting on a notebook (to be fair the chair is black and so was the notebook). I quickly got up but deep down I knew that nothing could have happened, so I merrily made myself coffee and went to the shower.

True enough when I booted it up an hour later I found nothing wrong with the lappy. There was nothing physically wrong with it either with not a single scratch or dent in sight. Fantastic engineering. And this was an old (but still sexy) X31 model that has no roll cage. If this was an Inspiron or a Macbook it would have been a goner.

This reminds me of a video I have seen on YouTube of a ThinkPad being driven over by a motorcycle and was found to be still working.

Also here is a video of Matt Kahut demonstrating the T61's water proof keyboard:

It is fair to say that I am a proud ThinkPad fanboy.


Anonymous said...

I sat on my latitude once, nothing happen =)

Anonymous said...

Latitudes are tough. Not as tough as ThinkPads though. :P