Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Badger culling

I find it strange that badgers are now being made a scapegoat for the spread of bovine TB among livestocks by farmers and DEFRA. Not really strange, but rather disgusting actually, mainly because bovine TB is a cattle disease that begins with poor agricultural practice by the farmers themselves. This whole killing to solve problems attitude is silly and pointless as I am sure badgers and other mammals like deer, foxes and wild boar exist in Europe mainland. And they do not have a problem with TB. Or Foot and Mouth. Or any major disease problems with their livestocks. And here I thought we are living in the 21st century where inoculation should not be a problem.


Next thing we will be culling humans. We after all probably carry and pass more diseases than these poor creatures and probably not as useful too. But I vote that any culling should begin with inept farmers and the people who runs DEFRA. And especially that "chief scientist".


RichardAM said...

Cattle die from disease- national outrage and tales of disgust and horror. Badger killing on purpose? sure, why not- Badgers aren't edible and have no relevance at the Tesco meat counter, no loss there at all.

It is all rather silly though.

Jon said...

In other news farmers today blame the Badgers community for secretly administrating Doramectin drugs into lambs in retaliation....