Monday, October 1, 2007

Hellgate London: Tube Tours

Hellgate: London is one of my most anticipated video games ever since I found out how accurate London would be represented in the game, particularly the London Underground. The developers, Flagship Studios (of Diablo fame) has recently released a bunch of videos titled the "Hellgate London: Tube Tours".

First up is Covent Garden station, which is the first 'hub' you will come across in the game. Hubs are like towns in normal RPGs where you can rest, shop and receive quests. As a person who frequently shops at Covent Garden I can attest to the accuracy of polygon'ed Covent Garden tube station and its surrounding areas (e.g. Covent Garden Market, British Museum) is bloody accurate (minus the wondering demons). Other places to visit includes Bloomsbury and hopefully Soho.

The next video introduces us to Charing Cross. Charing Cross is officially known as the centre part of London since the early 19th century. The station here would be the third stop in the game, and like Covent Garden, it acts as a hub that allows the gamer to replenish his or her supplies. However while Covent Garden is well protected, Charing Cross apparently is well within the edge of the danger zone where places like Piccadilly Circus and probably Soho has since fallen to demon control.

A pretty accurate 1992 Central Line stock

So there you go. Other locations confirmed to appear includes the Tower of London and the swaying Millennium Bridge. Graphics aren't that impressive but I could easily overlook it as the visual style is fantastic. At least it gives my two year graphic card a chance. Combined with the talented developers who made Diablo and our favourite London Underground, this should be a game to get next month.

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