Friday, January 5, 2007

TV Review: Ugly Betty pilot episode

Just caught the pilot episode of Ugly Betty on Channel 4. I was expecting a similar style to Desperate Housewives than say, Less Than Perfect (which has slight similarities), and true we have a typical US style comedy with bits and blops of mystery and episode specific contents. Who would have known that here we have someone, ugly as she may be, as a modern true heroine? Another highly recommended US comedy on my regular weekly TV viewing list then. Thanks C4.

But no thanks to Davina for ruining what could have been a perfect Big Brother free evening.

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RichardAM said...

House party tonight (just ended thankfully!) so I missed the Pilot episode unfortunately.

i'm hoping C4 will do a repeat soon, but failing that i'll just catch the future re-run on E4. It's an absolutely horrible timeslot though, personally it's not a show i'm expecting to last on the Friday night listings for long...

Jon Choo said...

Yes, I can imagine C4 screwing the series up.