Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yo! Sushi 'January sale'

I am sure some of you, especially those of you in Britain, would have known about Yo! Sushi's 'January sale'. It is basically half price for all their food consumed in store. The offers ends at the end of this month.

Anyway this evening, before I headed back to London, we decided to have dinner at Yo! Sushi. We aren't huge fans of them, but anything cheap from a fast-food restaurant was good in our books. We got there at 6pm. It wasn't too busy and we got to our seats straight away. Ordered a bowl of miso soup for myself before picking up a plate of pumpkin korroke. The first alert came when I gnawed on the piece and found it to be cold. The menu clearly states that it is a 'hot classic', yet it was fucking cold.

Most of the stuff that came by the conveyor belt were generic. You know stuff like fried rice, gyoza, salmon sushi, katsu etc. So we waited to see what the chefs would come up with. Apparently we weren't allowed to order during the sale period, so we all had to wait to see if the chefs decide to send some creativity down our side. And we waited. A bowl of hot soup later and refilled I got to my next snack. And then we played the waiting game again.

I noticed that we weren't the only one waiting. The family next to us looked bored as they scanned the belt looking at the same generic shit after another. The chef in front of us spent about 30 minutes cutting up some brownie. Then he went missing for 15 minutes before returning to wash some veg and then dumping them into the fridge. Then he scurried of to the other side of the kitchen, probably knowing that we were bitching about him in a foreign language. Another chef spent most of the time making more generic chicken katsu dishes.

The two sushi chefs spent half the time chatting with each other than making some nice exotic sushi. And any sushi they made went straight to a container which they kept under their kitchen table - obviously for next day's lunch customer. Their sushi isn't as fresh as they like to make us think they are.

After 1 1/2 hours and only 7 plates between us we decided to leave. The only wonderful thing we had was the Eel Dragon Roll. We were obviously disappointed. I kicked myself for forgetting that we had Sunday discount cards to Moshi Moshi, a far better and 'proper' sushi restaurant 15 minutes away by the sea front.

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living-in-the-uk said...

cool ! nice one. I went ahead and registered for the moshi moshi card.