Saturday, January 20, 2007

All DVDs should be released on digipaks by law

I was clearing out some stuff, dumping some of it on eBay (mind you, for profit) as well as tossing general junk out. Haven't been watching Nip/Tuck (I am still missing half of season 3) for quite some time but their boxsets just lovely.

I am a great fan of digipaks/digipacks. I just hate it when studious release TV series on those newer thin plastic DVD cases - they look like pirated DVDs, so why buy them? Even worse are half season boxsets, but I digress. Some of my favourite albums are in digipaks, such as the early editions of Arch Enemy albums (Burning Bridges and Stigmata, both fantastic stuff if you are into Swedish death metal).

Nip/Tuck season one region two PAL boxset:

The amazing Shadow of the Colossus boxset (I got this for 60% off at WHSmith - they are a great place to look for cheap out of print games since nobody shops there):


Anonymous said...

Ah damn! I'm looking for that game! Of course, I can't go to WHSmith since I'm in... well, Malaysia. Heh.

RichardAM said...

I do really like the Nip/Tuck boxsets. With LOST and 24 now they're more interested in individual compartments and boxes. It's certainly handier, it just doesn't look as nice. :/

I recently ordered SotC (via Bacon's Bargains) from Woolworths online. It was only £15, and it is VERY pretty.

Alex Ludd said...

It's a shame everything isn't all about the packaging like DVDs are. If it were, I wouldn't have to bother campaigning.

elb said...

any chance of letting go of the N&T S1? :P

Jon Choo said...

Are they discontinued? Either way no is the answer. :)

@Ganesh, well its worth it.

@Richard, the game is pretty too.