Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Bother

I would love to see Qantas attempt to ban the following offensive items:

The Christian 'dog-collar'
The hijab
The Jewish skull cap
Religious stuff (eg. Christian cross, Star of David)

You can't have it both ways.

Regarding the utter tripe of telly culture that is Big Brother I thought I would chime in with my 10 pence worth of opinion. Please forgive me. Even I cringed as I typed this.

Personally I doubt anything that has so far happened in the house can be construed as 'racists'. That opinion is based on the 5 minute clip that Channel 4 broadcasted when Davina McCall interviewed Jade Goody (BTW they share the same PR agent - also includes the other two annoying BB presenters), which were the only segments of this year's series I ever bother to watch (to see what was the fuss all about).

So... bullying yes, racism probably not. Having said that they deserve the public crucifixion anyway as bullying in any form is wrong. But then again Big Brother has always encourage bullying within the house, so why all the fuss now?

I believe that Endemol has been worrying about the sliding ratings hence their decision to dump an old controversial and dysfunctional housemate in. Since the news of her and her mates being allegedly coached before Jade Goody left the house last weekend, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they actually encouraged her in bullying in the first place. The fact that she decided to pick on a non-white foreigner was a bonus (for rating terms at least). I am curious to see if an equal amount of fuss is generated if the contestant being bullied happened to white!

As far as Ms. Shilpa is concerned, as she chose to enter this crude TV competition, can't say I have any pity for her. The only positive outcome that can happen with this whole sorry episode is the total axing of the current and future Big Brother and other degrading 'reality' TV programmes. That sadly, would never happen.

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joeblogs said...

Big brothers a ratings hit, if people like it i'd say fine watch it.

jenny said...

Shows that pander to base human desire is porn pure and simple. Ratings never go down for porn.