Thursday, January 4, 2007

The best and worst of Channel 4

Channel 4 has always been one of my favourite TV channels and yet they are also one of my least.

It depends what they decide to broadcast. Like yesterday, the third season of Desperate Housewives got ahead (double bill too!), and that is of course great. But Celebrity Big Brother? Not so great. I remember Channel 4 pretty much killed off Nip/Tuck from terrestrial tv due to 'bad ratings', but any bad ratings that were associated with Nip/Tuck was probably because they constantly broadcast the series after the watershed, sometimes way after midnight (usually moved from its slot to accomodate craps like Big Brother and Russel Brand). They probably would never cancel the dreadful Big Brother series especially when 7 million of you lots tuned in to watch yesterday's launch.

Well at least Sky scooped in and stole Lost. One less prolonged crap on the tv, I guess. And The O.C. cancelled? Best news ever!

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