Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Tories have clearly lost their mind...

David Cameron has proposed a moral tax break of £20 a week on married couple, claiming that the 'downfall' in Britain's 'broken society' is due to 'anti-marriage bias' (which is non-existent as far as I know). Last I heard a marriage is supposed to be about love, not bribery or tax situation. The mind boggles to imagine the many who decides to get married and stay married just to be 'rewarded' with a pittance. And what about single parents, single couples who live together or same-sex couples? Wouldn't this work against them?
Mr Cameron said: "The kids do best if mum and dad are there to look after them and today we have a benefit system that encourages couples to be separate. We have no recognition of marriage in the tax system. These things have to change."

He told the BBC that "mending Britain's broken society" was the "big argument of our times". He added: "We need a big cultural change in favour of fatherhood, in favour of parenting, in favour of marriage."
What Dave here means is the people responsible for Britain's 'broken society' are single parents, childless married couples and single couples.

Next great idea for the Tories: tax breaks for the wealthy Eton educated Anglicans.

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