Friday, July 20, 2007

Facebook and MMORPGs

I am starting to notice just how much addicted Facebook users are to the current Web fad. And when I mean addicted I don't mean like spending an hour or two a day on it, I mean much much more. Many are totally consummated by it. They would not stop talking about it if they are not on it, like it was the only thing in the world (remember kids, Facebook isn't the first social networking site). It reminds me of the Ipod, where everyone talks about how apparently superior their Ipod is, but not about the actual music that supposedly resides in it.

Facebook addiction, I noticed, is much closer to that of MMORPG sufferers. How many friends have you lost to World of Warcraft? I have lost quite a few. Facebook addicts are now to take over too. I know how some MMORPGs work - by simulating the release of endorphins due to its work=reward pattern (and waste of time - e.g. Final Fantasy XI), but I do not understand how Facebook (or any social networking sites) reward you. I am guessing it is more of an ego contest to see how many "friends" you have...

Thankfully I understand that these things are just frivolous fads so I avoid them at all cost. Ah screw it.

/goes off to play Ultima Online

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